Create a Lab

Choose a Title

Start with choosing a title for your Lab.

Watch the video guide

Start with watching the guide video that gives you a go through of the complete process for creating a lab.

Add Header Image

Over the top select, a picture from your device to add as a header image to the Lab

Add header image to a Lab

Edit Title

You can edit the title of your Lab anytime if you think you made a mistake earlier.

Edit Lab title

Add Description

Start the lab content with a small yet meaningful description.

Add description to a Lab.

Use this bar to add all the interactive elements to your labs to make reading and learning fun with Images, Videos, GIFs, and what not a lot of emojis. Align your text and add or remove code snippets with multiple heading and paragraph options.

Editing Options

Text editing options

Adding a New Step

Add a new step to your Lab using the "Add new section" tab.

Add a new step

Having smaller steps makes it easier for readers to understand and follow.

Deleting a Step

Delete a step with the cross button on the right side

Delete a step

A step once deleted cannot be brought back.

Add Relevant Tags

Add relevant tags to your lab.

Add Tags to your Lab

Adding relevant tags gives visibility to your Lab.

Submit for Review

BOOM! Save your lab as a Draft or Submit it for review once done.