Forms can be created here to be used as templates while creating an event.

Creating a New Form

Creating a form

Create a new form using Create New Form button.

Types of supported responses:

  • Short answer

  • Long answer (for a paragraph)

  • Number

  • Single choice

  • Multiple Choice

Click on the Required checkbox to make it mandatory to fill the field in order to submit the form.

A question cannot be deleted once the form has responses in order to maintain those, though it can be disabled anytime if you don't want it to appear anymore.

The link to fill the form or to send it to members will be available under the events page.

Check Responses

Form Actions

Check all the responses the form has from the all responses tab and use the edit form button to add or remove questions from the form later.

It also shows the name of the organizer who created the form for added security.