Host Online or Offline

Simple Hosting (online only)

Choose between Commudle Stage, Youtube Streaming, and any other embed.

  • Commudle Stage: Invite anyone from the audience, and let upto 20 poeple talk on stage and to upto 500 people.

  • Youtube Live: Embed a Youtube live video.

  • External link: Could be used to redirect for any external platform for conducting the event.

  • IFrame: Embed any IFrame from any third party website.

Commudle Stage supports upto 20 people on stage and 500 people as viewers.

Multiple Tracks

Multiple tracks are for long conferences or any event having multiple sessions with multiple speakers.

  • You can choose between an online (live streaming) and an offline (at a physical space) event

  • An event can have multiple locations (physical or online)

  • Each location can have multiple tracks.

  • Each track can have multiple speaker sessions in timed slots

Adding Tracks

Add tracks for seperate domains or to classify different events at the same location.

Adding Session Details

Select a slot where you want to add the session.

  • Select a track to which the slot needs to be added.

  • Add session title.

  • Select a speaker from the Speaker Form in the registrations section​.

  • Select the start and the end time of the slot of the speaker session.

  • Enter relevant tags to let the attendees find the event easily that they've been looking for.