Manage all your registrations and signups at one place.

One Click Registrations

Open Registrations

Click the checkbox to open the registrations using One Click Registration to take all registrations using just a single click of a button.

Members can register for the event with a single click You can view their registrations from the 'View Registrations' link and send them unique entry passes

Share the link for the public event page, where people will register.

Commudle automatically sends a pre-formatted email, though you can add an additional message to the email if you want.

Registration Forms

Creating a form

Creating a form

  • Enter the name for the form

  • Select the form type (attendee/speaker/feedback/communication)

  • Select the form to use from the list of forms previously created in the forms section

Form Status

Change the Form Status to start accepting responses.

  • Yet to announce: The form is yet to be announced and can't be filled by anyone.

  • Open but invisible: The form is open, accepting responses but not visible on the public event page & can be only filled by people having the link.

  • Open to all: The form is open to all and people need to fill the form to register for the event.

  • Closed to all: The form is closed to all and accepting no more responses.

  • On the spot uninvited: To be filled by people who didn't receive the entry pass but somehow made it to the event.

  • Members who have attended: The people who've attended the event and their attendance is marked only will be able to fill the form.

Send the form to all members

Send form via email to all community members

You can change the subject and also add an additional message to the email.

Registration Confirmation Email

Registration Confirmation Email

Once registered people receive an email like this for the confirmation of registration to the event.