Manage Registrations

When using One Click Registration

Classify people into different categories as per seat availability and send them communication mails.

Different status for registrations

Change status for everyone

Changing status in bulk for everyone

Click on bulk status change and select a status and click on yes to set it for everyone.

Send Entry Pass

It's just as easy as a matter of two clicks, click on send entry passes and then on send mail.

People marked as confirmed only will receive the entry pass mails.

When using Registration Forms

Send RSVP Mails

Send RSVP Mails

Send RSVP Mails to all who registered.

People responding a yes in the mail will automatically be marked as confirmed.

Sending Entry Pass Mails, Bulk Status Change functions the same as in One Click Registrations.

Download Responses (.csv)

Click on the CSV button on the top and you'll receive an email with all the responses in .csv file attached to the email.

Entry Pass & RSVP Mails

Entry Pass Mails

  • Entry pass mails have a unique code for everyone and a QR code associated with the unique code which is used for marking attendance in offline events.

  • Entry pass mails also gives you an addon to add the event to your calendar with just a click.

RSVP Mails

When using forms you get a new option for registration status i.e shortlisted using which you can ask up people if they'd be joining for the event or not.

  • As soon as someone marks "Absolutely, I'm in!" in the mail he/she gets marked as confirmed in the registration status tab.

  • If in case a user clicks upon "Next Time, May be" he/she gets marked as canceled in the user registration status tab.