Create New Event

Create a new event add all basic details and start taking down registrations for your event.

Creating an Event

Start with Create New Event button on the top left and enter all the basic details about your event.

You can skip entering the date and time now if it is yet to be decided.

Add Header Image

Add header image for the event

Click to add a header image for the event, select a file from your device.

The suggested header image size is 1000px x 350px, but an image with other dimensions also works fine.

Event Status

Different statuses for the event
  • Draft: Only the organizers and people who have the link can see the event.

  • Open: The event is visible on the community page and the Commudle home page.

  • Completed: It has completed! It Will be visible as a completed event to all the members.

  • Canceled: It's like deleting the event, it removes the event from the community page.

The Event can be edited up to 5 days after completion.

Edit Event Details

Edit event details like date time and description anytime later, if you think you made a mistake earlier.