Create & Delete multiple channels for discussion, invite members, use emojis to interact or share files all at one place.

Create Channel

Click on new channel, select a logo thumbnail, enter the channel's name and a mini description to diffrentiate between multiple channels for what a particular purpose a channel is meant for.

You can always create a private channel by checking the checkbox. Private channnels can be acccessed by the organizers of the community and the admins of the channel.

Channel Interactions

Once a channel is created all the members of the community can start interacting in there based upon their area of interest.

Emoji's are always an option to spice up the ongoing conversation

Share Files

Share files with peer community members within the channels and keep the conversation going.

Invite Members

Inviting someone to a channel is as easy as sharing an invite link or just pu their email to send them an invite.

Delete Channel

Go to channel setting from the settings button on the right and you're required to type "YES" in caps to confirm to delete the specific channel.